(The Mystery of) Kem @Senghor

River Jazz Night

Stéphane Galland - Drums / Sylvain Debaisieux - Tenor Saxophone / Bram Delooze - Piano / Federico Stocchi - Bass

In the past, Stéphane Galland worked with big names like Ibrahim Maalouf, Zap Mama and Ozark Henry, and he also made it his business of working with the best musicians from different cultures – from India across the Balkans to Africa. But the drummer is without a doubt most famous as a founding member of Aka Moon, one of the most talked-about jazz bands in Belgian music history. Galland is celebrating his fiftieth birthday this year, but his sound is still ageless. Over the years he has developed his own unique rhythmic approach by connecting the different musical traditions in which he has worked.

In ancient Egypt, Kem refers to the color Black, like the black, fertile mud of the Nile, and uproots the often negative connotations associated with the color. It is in that symbolic earth that “(the Mystery of) KEM” cultivates new rhythmical aspects whose schemes, “dances” and improvisations take roots in the Yin and Yang complementarity of even and uneven rhythmical pulses. Multicultural encounters and the enrichment of his own musical language and skills have always been the main drive behind Stephane Galland’s music. Welcome to the black and mysterious earth of KEM !

Tickets Senghor only

Pass for the 3 concerts of the Night

10€ concert @Senghor / 25€ Pass for the 3 concerts.
Reservations strongly recommended.