Synestet + Fur

Concert organized by Les Lundis d’Hortense


Hélène Duret - clarinet, bass clarinet / Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar / Maxime Rouayroux - drums

Fur tends towards purity. The gimbal is melody, and the exploration of soundscapes with unexpected widths is done at will. The journey is cultivated in threes, and improvisation always renews the route. Between Jimmy Giuffre, Daniel Lanois and Jim Black, this trio knows very well what they are going to tell us, but they don’t yet know how they are going to tell us, they are discovering it with us, as they go along.


Hélène Duret - clarinet, bass clarinet / Sylvain Debaisieux - tenor saxophone / Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar / Fil Caporali - double bass / Maxime Rouayroux - drums

Synestet is an appeal to the senses, where the perception of music becomes a mixture of colors, shapes, smells. These five musicians crazy about improvisation, thirsty for games and musical expression, are all gathered around original compositions at the initiative of clarinettist Hélène Duret. This unique encounter offers open music that promotes simplicity, inventiveness and leaves room for improvisation. At the crossroads between jazz and contemporary music, we find here the spirit of Jimmy Giuffre, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Colemann, Duke Ellington or Jakob Bro.

€ 12 - € 9 JS members, students - € 7 LDH members