Suzanne Trio

Hélène Duret · bass clarinet, voice / Pierre Tereygeol · guitar, voice / Maëlle Desbrosses · viola, voice

To a great extent, jazz has always been a vocal art. Voices set many a mood : suave, soothing, and mellow ; angry or exuberant shouts ; emotive heartbreakers and hesitaters ; powerful, innocent, or militant tones. Suzanne is named in homage to folksin- ger Leonard Cohen, and it takes us down to a place near the river of chamber music, where it boards the vessel of improvisation, paddling into the unknown, into the frontier where the mouth is an instrument. Strummed strings, whispered sound secrets, an infinity of timbres. Listening to this trio is like paging through an old family photo album. The memories, like the paper, are slightly faded. We enjoy this journey into the past ; then, lifting our eyes, we continue forward, into the future.

12€ / 9€ JS members, students, job seekers · / 8€40 KCB - CRB students

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