November is often a bit sullen, a little rainy, a little sad. So we seek the warmth, sweetness, even the comfort of a first hot chocolate or a cup of tea with a (good) movie. When we risk getting out of the way, we do not necessarily think about lingering outside. Like a desire to make the cat and curl up by the fire.

Fortunately ... there is the Jazz Station ! See, in the distance, this lighthouse which passes through the fog of gloom, and promises you a thousand and one wonders ! November will not be dead at the station, quite the contrary ! For a long time we were told that the record was in decline. “Hell, no !” Can you answer at the end of the month ! Have a look : five album releases, and not least. Local, first, because it is the soul of our association : Vincent Thekal returns with his fantastic trio, ODIL back cover with two guests (Leïla Martial and Valentin Ceccaldi), then Piet Verbist in a renewed quartet, always modern and enjoyable ! The heart of our association, meanwhile, feeds on these exquisite pleasures, these international always extraordinary that come to spice up every season spent by your side. The wonderful Sofia Ribeiro and El Maestro Aaron Parks will complete this bunch of new projects. What to decorate your media library with taste !

As in an autumn rain in the forest, we will also offer you the opportunity to breathe the many flavors of what makes today’s jazz. Enough to fill our lungs and be filled with discoveries : the French quartet of Toine Thys, the come back of Cubistic Sessions of the sprawling Antoine Pierre, the Singers Night, the conferences of Jean-Pol Schroeder, the Big Band ! Or, for example, an evening dedicated to the trombone ?

We leave you the choice, and do not forget, it’s always spring in our station !

The Jazz Station.