Orange Moon

CD release

Manolo Cabras - double bass / Hendrik Lasure - piano / Mathieu Calleja - drums

This trio brings a vast palette of compositions of which the special universes are strong and contain clear intentions. The compositions are a combination of progressive melodic approaches, counterpoints and intimate intentions. By clearly focusing on the interpretation of each piece, the musicians build up a powerful osmosis and at the same time add an unexpected harmonic touch. Hendrik, Manolo and Mathieu, who evolve in different musical domains, use all their skills to build their musical web and thus cultivate the diversity of their improvisation or intentions. The result is a unique trio sound.

12€ / 9€ (students, members, job seekers).
Booking required. If you wish to attend one of our concerts with your bubble (max. 4 people), reservations must be made together so that we can arrange the space in the best way. The bubble must be complete in order to access the hall. Wearing a mask is mandatory.