Nathalie Loriers Groove Trio

Nathalie Loriers - piano / Benoît Vanderstraeten - bass / Thierry Gutmann – drums

For this new project, Nathalie Loriers combines her piano with the electric bass of Benoit Vanderstraeten, brilliant virtuoso, and the imperturbable groove of Thierry Gutmann. Original repertoire offering new compositions as well as a selection of the most groovy pieces of the pianist.
"Nathalie’s long sentences progress in waves. We tap the fingers and beat the foot. (...) The turns are tight and the accelerations surprising Thierry Gutmann constantly raises in a dry play while Benoît Vanderstraeten plays ample, which allows Nathalie Loriers to take the paths she wants. " (Jacques Prouvost)

10€ / 8€ (members, jobseekers, students).
We do not accept any credit or debit card. No reservation required.