Marjan Van Rompay Wolf Trio

Marjan Van Rompay - alto saxophone / Wout Gooris - piano / Fien Desmet - vocals

Wolf trio is a fairly new formation that originates from the ’Marjan Van Rompay group’. On the album "Comfort, solace, peace" 3 songs with vocals, piano and sax are recorded. During the recording process and certainly also the concerts after that, the desire grew to continue with that line-up and develop a full-fledged project.

Wout is a partner with whom Marjan has been playing together for years. During a Nick Drake tribute concert with John Ruocco, Marjan heard Fien singing and she was immediately enchanted. With these musicians the dream of a trio was within reach.

Our music sounds homogeneous and balanced and at the same time surprising. We want to bring intimate, spherical music, with clear melodies, round sounds but with special colors because of the occupation. Despite our young age, we each bring a different angle into these dreamy compositions.

10€ / 8€ students, members, jobseekers.
No booking required. We do not accept any credit or debit card.