Joachim Caffonnette Extended

Concert organized by Les Lundis d´Hortense.

Joachim Caffonnette - piano / Jasen Weaver - double bass / Noam Israeli - drums

New trio for Joachim Caffonnette on the occasion of the release of his third album. Surrounded this time by a pair from the United States - or having lived there for a very long time - (Jasen Weaver on double bass and Noam Israeli on drums), the pianist offers a whole new repertoire combining standards and personal compositions. Of course, we always find the lyricism mixed with this touch of bitterness and darkness that make the signature of the Belgian musician. For him, music should have a meaning and, as much as possible, should be able to deliver a message. We remember "Vers l’Azur Noir", dedicated to the memory of migrants who disappeared in the Mediterranean and, in general, to the victims of the madness of a dehumanized world. Caffonnette’s refined playing, which draws on the tradition of the great trios (from Evans to Mehldau to Monk), is spurred on by the feverish and assertive ones of the double bass player and the drummer. These bring a dose of freshness and extra spontaneity to the ensemble. Suddenly, the trio seems to want to go more directly to the point, and that for our greatest pleasure. Between delicate emotion and stormy improvisations, the group knows how to keep its audience alert from start to finish. And that is irresistible.

€ 12 - € 9 JS members, students - € 7 ULB / UCL culture card - € 6 LDH members
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