Go To The Dogs ft. Dudù Kouaté

Aristide d’Agostino - trumpet / Arnaud Edel - guitar / Thibaud Thiolon - saxophones / Samuel Foucault - bass / Jean-Emmanuel Doucet - drums / Dudù Kouaté - percussion, ngoni, voice

“There is an Isle of Dogs. The Atlantis of jazzmen. Marc Ribot sometimes mentions it. Ornette Coleman reportedly left a card. It is to discover this still unexplored musical territory that, with their hearts full of hope, the five Go To The Dogs embarked on the adventure, like heroes of Jules Verne. Go to the dogs ! Or the dogs will come to you. »

If it was a movie, that might have been its synopsis, but Go To The Dogs is a band, a directionless ensemble that goes all over the place with fun in its sights. We heckle each other, we have fun with nothing, we go wild and sometimes we forget where we started. Go To The Dogs is a jazz quintet in search of control over an anarchic sea.

Go To The Dogs + Dudù Kouaté is a new musical proposal, an unprecedented experience lived by artists and intended to be shared with as many people as possible. It is the result of a common desire defended by musicians from very different backgrounds : that of making a chance encounter an adventure, a link between several cultures, a new space for playing and listening. It was in July 2019 that the multi-instrumentalist Dudù Kouaté sympathized with Aristide D’Agostino. The magnetic alchemy between the two musicians works instantly : they realize that they have a lot to share, both humanly and musically.

€ 12 full price / € 9 members, students, job seekers.
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