Flavio Spampinato - Preghiera Libera

Live Session of "Preghiera Libera", from Flavio Spampinato, for the release of their album "Nascente" (Alfa Records - 2020)

“Nascente is the music that has been hanging around my mind for quite some time. I like to think about it as a heavenly space where the different pathways of our lives fade in together : this dimensions allows us to feel part of the same source. The sound that I had in mind for this album was occasionally mystic, dreamlike, percussive, chamber-music orientated and contemporary at the same time. The songs are original compositions mainly, but there are also personal arrangements of Brazilian authors such as Milton Nascimento, Egberto Gismonti and Ginga. Nascente is for me that place in our mind where we can peacefully wander and find ourselves authentic, no matter what happens outside of it : it’s a living refuge, a mirage for the bravest travelers.”

Flavio Spampinato, vocals, music and lyrics
Matteo di Leonardo, guitar

Nascente :
Alessandro Gwis, piano
Hélène Duret, clarinets
Fil Caporali, doublebass
Special guest : Javier Girotto, soprano sax

Sound : Ferri Van Overstraeten
Image : Kostia Pace
Edit : Manon Goupil

Track : "Preghiera Libera" (Flavio Spampinato)
With the support of Sabam For Culture