Faraj Suleiman/Jon Birdsong/Anneleen Boehme/Simon Segers


Faraj Suleiman (PS) - piano / Jon Birdsong - trumpet / Anneleen Boehme - double bass / Simon Segers – drums

In Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, a generation of young artists writes its own story : the one of their own life and the one of their country. From the news and from the past, they create alternatives. With great ease, they mix languages, shapes and styles. Nothing is foreign to them. The CONNEXION BXL festival presents the work of emerging talents and recognized artists who could offer much more to Europe than is currently the case. No miserabilism, but energy, creativity and responsiveness. Astonishing, inspiring and above all, indispensable !
Palestinian composer and pianist, Faraj Suleiman combines Arabic rhythms and melodies that have rocked his childhood with jazz and tango. After a classical training, the virtuoso experiences new ways of mixing his many oriental and western influences, whether solo piano, quartet or accompanied by an orchestra or female choirs. In 2014, Faraj Suleiman adds poetry to her melodies, incorporating texts by Arab authors such as Taha Muhammad Ali ... An exhilarating dreamlike journey awaits you for this beautiful evening.


10€ / 8€ (students, members, jobseekers). No booking required. We do not accept any credit or debit card.