Fapy Lafertin New Quartet

Concert organized by Les Lundis d’Hortense

Fapy Lafertin - guitar, Portuguese guitar / Alexandre Tripodi - violin / Renaud Dardenne - guitar / Cédric Raymond - double bass

Fapy Lafertin is one of the figureheads of “Belgian-style” gypsy jazz, led by De Cauter and company, among others. Concerned to best transmit the spirit of this music dear to Django, the seventy-year-old guitarist has surrounded himself with a young generation of musicians who know what tradition means. Alexandre Tripodi, Renaud Dardenne and Cédric Raymond take obvious pleasure in sharing original compositions and immortal standards (“La Belle Vie”, “It’s Alright With Me”, …). The strings of the guitars, double bass and violin tangle and untangle to make us feel, by turns, joyful and carefree, nostalgic and serious. Can you imagine the guinguette ? Do you feel the crackling wood fire lit in a clearing ? Can you hear the lapping of the nearby stream ? This is where the stories are told without saying a word, in the light swing of a fado, a choro, a waltz or a swing sometimes delicate, sometimes fiery. It’s a clan that gets along well and shares memories. Each of the musicians adds his personal touch and enriches the subject with tasty anecdotes. The pleasure is communicative and the quartet plays with our emotions. It’s poetry, lyricism... in short, pure happiness that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of.

€ 12 - € 9 JS members, students - € 7 LDH members