Bai Kamara Jr & The Voodoo Sniffers - @Théâtre Marni

CD release "Salone"

Bai Kamara Jr - Vocals, Acoustic guitar / Boris Tchango - Drums, Percussion / Désiré Somé - Bass / Tom Beardslee - Electric guitar / Eric Moens - Electric guitar

"My musical and artistic journey has now led me to this pivotal stage of my career where the ‘Salone’ project finally allows me to delve into my African roots and more specifically that of of Sierra Leone, my country of origin. Never before had I had the strength to undertake this work. Though I was predestined to live between Africa and Europe, the rythms and sounds of African have always lived in me. Artistically, the making of this album was a spiritual, joyful, refreshing and rewarding introspection. As the blues has always been at the heart of my artistic journey and it was the obvious and perfect vehicle to express my feelings and musical inspirations for this expedition into the roots of my African heritage."

Bai Kamara Jr.

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