January and the madness of festivals, it’s over !

A lot of water flowed under (and over) the bridges of the capital, and you were several thousands to walk the pavements of Brussels to navigate between styles, and dock in the various - but still surprising - halls of the city.
The year 2018 resumes its rhythm, and the Jazz Station begins a pretty cruise with the winds. True to our habit, a program finely concocted, sometimes reckless (SHIJIN, February 17), but always curious and seductive. The occasion to mark our confidence in solid projects, carried by the flagship of the Belgian scene, but also to highlight our taste for meetings, and to honor this music with a thousand flavors.
To begin this short month of February, two closely related projects. The Jazz Station Big Band (now scheduled monthly, novelty 2018), which will open the ball, is indeed an emulation of the quartet of Michel Paré. Chance of programming, the two concerts will follow one another the same week, and you will have the opportunity to discover their rich and powerful universe. Rebirth : : Collective is not a Big Band, but nine musicians on stage, it always moves ! A multi-faceted formation, this group full of surprises brings together what is best in Flanders. Three groups to start the month, beautiful compositions, licked arrangements, that will delight your ears !
Then, in the second part, there will be international meetings that will be proposed to you. The project SHIJIN first, with four huge sizes of contemporary jazz, will draw its inspiration to the four corners of the world to offer a spiritual and organic music. In closing, the prolific meeting between the soprano magician Mikael Godée and the incredible Eve Beuvens (piano), who are preparing a new album. Their previous album, MEQ, was a treat.
The opportunity also to highlight an issue that often comes back to our ears. Why are there so few female artists in jazz (but also elsewhere) ? Programming an artist because it is a woman is not necessarily positive for us. It would be even more sexist to think that way. Above all, they are musicians. We listen to the music. But that does not mean that we look away. By supporting the Conservatoires, the Academies, it is clear that many young women embark on the adventure and eventually give up. In parallel, we wanted to (re) discover incredible artists throughout the season. Cymin Samawatie, Eva Klesse, Natalia Mateo, Chrystel Wautier, Anna Lund, Ebba Westerberg, Eve Beuvens, but also - coming soon - Veronika Harcsa, Pauline Leblond, Nathalie Loriers, Marjan Van Rompay, Rebekka Van Bockstal, are all inspirations hopefully will pave the way for new generations of musicians.

The Jazz Station.