The programming work is largely based on trust. Having confidence, believing in a project, first. Being able to think that an artistic creation will find its way, its public. But it is also, then, to know how to give confidence. To give confidence to artists, and to the public. A promise that every place must take to build its reputation.

Since its creation, our team has acquired its acclaim. Every week, it is difficult to express our joy by reading a glowing article on one of our concerts, to see announcements in the press of one of those to come, to feel the pleasure of the musicians who come to play on our stage. And also, this little phrase from our regulars, who after taking their ticket electrifies us with a : "Who’s playing tonight ?". Simple sentence but so meaningful. Go see a concert with your eyes closed, enveloped in a halo of trust between a room and its spectators, is that not what we aspire to ?

Our programming is a reflection of what the Jazz Station defends : a contemporary jazz, representative of what is done in Belgium and more widely in Europe, leaving as much room for confirmed musicians as for "new blood" ; but also a jazz that transcends genres, which draws as much from tradition as from contemporary improvised music. It is also the joy of seeing our little train station build as a hub of international jazz, synthesizing little by little the jewels of the New York, Berlin and Parisian scenes. Brussels is a crossroads of cultures. The Jazz Station was to be a mirror of it.

The Jazz Station.