Zola Quartet

CD release "From Far and Near"

Gonzalo Rodriguez Diaz - guitar / Mathieu Robert - saxophone / Nicola Lancerotti - contrabass / Didier Van Uytvanck – drums

The Zola Quartet takes its origins from contemporary jazz and Spanish traditional music. A raw and direct style of music where the strength of melodies and rhythms finds the right balance with the musical elements of jazz: expression, improvisation, spontaneity and exploration.
These two pillars of inspiration share similar origins; both are forms of art coming from folk and from the melting pot of different cultures. Thus, the Zola Quartet doesn’t attempt to surprise people by intellect, but by the involving energy coming out from its music.
The repertoire is made up of original compositions of the guitar player Gonzalo Rodriguez, who uses the melodic sense of Mathieu Robert on soprano sax. All of that boosted by the rhythm section composed by Didier Van Uytvanck on drums and Nicola Lancerotti on bass.

10€ / 8€ members, students, jobseekers.
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