"Young Talents" gigs are back !

Samedi 14 décembre | 18:00

The Jazz Station makes a point of supporting promising young talents. That’s why she regularly organizes "Young Talents" evenings to highlight the projects of tomorrow.
The next session will take place on 14 December at 18:00. On the program two quartets to follow very closely : Goa and Noémie Decroix.

Goa Quartet

  • Line-up : Matthieu Ablain - saxophone / Simon Groppe - piano / Nathan Van Brande - bass / Pierre Floch - drums
  • Description :
    GOA quartet is a young project born just a year ago from the meeting of four students from the Brussels Conservatory. They have walked the stage of the Music Village, the MIM and recently the Brussels Jazz Weekend (prize of the best soloist on the Ixelles springboard). They recorded a first EP in January 2018 at Studio Igloo as part of the work of Juliette Rigaud supervised by Daniel Léon.
    The compositions of their pianist Simon Groppe are at the center of their repertoire. Their various influences draw their sources sometimes from current musicians such as Brad Mehldau, Ari Hoenig, or Joshua Redman, sometimes from musicians such as Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, ...
    They present a very contrasting repertoire with an emphasis on the association of timbres.
    (Text borrowed from the ’Theatre Marni’)

Noémie Decroix Quartet

  • Line-up : Noémie Decroix - voice / Simon Groppe - piano / Alex Gilson - double bass / Pierre Hurty - drums
  • Description :
    "After a stint in drama, I had the chance to explore singing alongside David Linx. From these experiences, I keep a deep respect for words and a compelling need to let express, through the sound, something that is much broader than me. For this first project, I am accompanied by close friends, musicians, whose sensitivity and commitment I admire. I tell an initiatory trip. Moving from our compositions to traditional music, sometimes thousands of years old, it highlights what, beyond the borders, differences of language and culture, is specific to each one of us. These songs remind me where to draw the faith necessary to go through the trials and marvel tirelessly at the surprises that each new day holds for us."
    Noémie Decroix

10€ full price / 8€ members, students, jobseekers.
No booking. We do not accept any credit or debit card.