Vladimir Torres Trio (UY/FR)

Vladimir Torres - double bass, compositions / Martin Schiffmann - piano / Tom Moretti - drums

Vladimir Torres is a bassist and double bass player of Uruguayan origin based in France. Rich in many influences both by his geographical and cultural origins and by his experience and musical practice, he has developed a singular musical writing, which attaches as much importance to melodic and harmonic construction, to arrangement as to the place of improvisation, each time imagining the composition as the illustration of an idea, a feeling or a lived experience. A bit like it was the soundtrack of his existence. A singular musical universe where jazz, pop, Latin or Middle Eastern music will mingle.
Supported by the regional jazz Center in Bourgogne Franche-Comté, his first disc, "Inicial", testifies to sensitive music, with careful arrangements, open to the vibrations of our time.

€ 12 full price / € 9 members, students, job seekers.
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