Vincent Peirani / Federico Casagrande / Ziv Ravitz (FR/IT/ISR) - New Project « Jokers » - Belgian Premiere

River Jazz Festival

Vincent Peirani - accordion / Federico Casagrande - guitar / Ziv Ravitz - drums

Whatever the style, Vincent Peirani transforms everything he touches into gold : jazz of course, but also song (Sanseverino, The Black Eyes), film music (composer for Barbara by Mathieu Amalric), etc. And his audiences follow him, because during each performance he creates a situation in which they are exposed to exciting music in which the relatively straightforward is counterbalanced by very welcome unexpected
surprises, where popular music rubs shoulders with grassroots – which is of course the basis of great artistry. The man who ten years ago completely reinvented the language of the accordion (and who continues to do so) has become a major artist, whose uninhibited, cosmopolitan vision of music and sense of instrumental combinations and colours, enable him to bring that rare and precious magical touch to everything he does.