Tuur Florizoone · chromatic accordion, piano, bass accordion, glockenspiel / Philippe Laloy · soprano & alto sax, flute, bass flute / Vincent Noiret · double bass​

After two long months without a concert, the Jazz Station is delighted to be back in service with a famous trio whose longevity bears witness to its extraordinary inventiveness and complicity. “Tricycle” is the meeting of three Belgian musicians who have not left each other for twenty years. Together, they travel for miles and perform as well in Belgium as in Vietnam or Brazil. The trio wanders from one universe to another but always with its little touch of “Belgitude”. The three accomplices juggle with styles, improvisations and melodies as Magritte would have done if he had been a musician. Inventive melodies, surprising arrangements and improvisations, a collective sound to say the least : these are still the strengths of this trio.

15€ · 10€ JS members, students, job seekers
Reservations strongly recommended via our online ticket office