Toine Thys Orlando

Toine Thys - soprano & tenor saxes, bass clarinet / Maxime Sanchez (FR) - piano / Florent Nisse (FR) - double bass / Antoine Pierre - drums

This group bears the enigmatic first name of the hero of the eponymous and mysterious novel by Virginia Woolf. Like Orlando who swears to remain immortal and who will go through many eras, these four musicians experience together the many aspects of their reality and their evolution through time.
We find alongside Toine, the essential drummer and accomplice Antoine Pierre (Joshua Redman, Philip Catherine, Tom Barman / Taxi Wars), and the Parisians Florent Nisse (David Enhco, Yaron Herman, Michel Portal) on double bass and Maxime Sanchez on the piano (Magic Malik, Chris Cheek, Flash Pig). A variety of styles and tones, subtle rhythms, music where joy and melancholy rub shoulders at every moment. Played with ease, this music invites you to travel in a poetic universe, and opens the door to wide open spaces. The drumming is airy, and the double bass, central, breathes like the old tree under which Orlando throws himself. Sound and silences are skilfully shared with the melodies of the bass clarinet, and the ever-changing chords of the virtuoso piano: musical adventure is at the center of this quartet.

€ 12 full price / € 9 members, students, job seekers.
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