CD release "Stillorgan"

Sam Comerford - tenor and bass saxophone, compositions / Hendrik Lasure - piano, effects / Jens Bouttery - drums, synth

Thunderblender is a trio from Brussels led by Sam Comerford. Accompanied by two young pioneers of the Belgian jazz scene, Hendrik Lasure (SCHNTZL) and Jens Bouttery (Hi Hawaii), they interpret with joy and abandon the dark and unpredictable compositions of the leader. The music explores intense emotions, oscillating between order and chaos, free improvisation and complex writing, heavy grooves and fragile moments of intimacy. Thunderblender is an European group whose influence of the American avant-garde can sometimes be felt. We think in particular of Henry Threadgill and Tim Berne, without forgetting a few references to classical harmony of the 20th century.
Jens Bouttery complements his drums with a left-handed bass synth, giving him complete freedom as an individual rhythm section. Without a conventional bass player, Hendrik Lasure is free to use the full range of the grand piano, sometimes playing with sampling. Sam Comerford, meanwhile, plays tenor and bass saxophone - rarely heard -, with a game that could be described as both abrasive and lyrical.
"Even in Thunderblender’s most intense improvisational flights, you constantly feel that the three musicians vibrate on the same frequency, where freedom and control are just two sides of the same coin. Bold but melodic, rhythmically complex yet grooving, there is much to admire in this debut album."
Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

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