THE COURSES 2022-2023

History and understanding of Jazz

In partnership with the "Maison du Jazz" from Liège

For this 2022-2023 season, Jean-Pol Schroeder continues his portraits of jazz men and women who have marked their era. New for this season : he will be accompanied by Jacques Onan. The two specialists will take turns giving the lectures. Attending the lectures on the History of Jazz is to listen to anecdotes about world-famous musicians, but also to (re)discover and understand the careers of ancient and contemporary artists. It is to take advantage of the rich explanations of our lecturers as well as their archives and other video excerpts that have become very rare !

So that you can block your calendars, here are the dates of these classes :

Tuesday 4th of October - Charlie Haden (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 18th of October - Joshua Redman (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)
Tuesday 8th of November - European female singers (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)
Tuesday 22th of November - David Murray (1) (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 6th of December - David Murray (2) (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 13th of December - Woody Shaw (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)

Tuesday 10th of January : Daniel Humair (by Jean-Pol Shroeder)
Tuesday 24th of January : Bill Frisell (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 7th of February : ‘Les gosses de Barcelone’ (by Jean-Pol Shroeder)
Tuesday 21st of February : Geri Allen (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 7th of March : Ragtime (by Jean-Pol Shroeder and Rémi Balsacq)
Tuesday 21th of March : Lester Bowie (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 4th of April : Steve Houben (by Jean-Pol Shroeder with Steve Houben)
Tuesday 18th of April : Louis Sclavis (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 2nd of May : Kenny Barron (by Jean-Pol Shroeder)
Tuesday 16th of May : Jim Hall (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 6th of June : EST (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)

The lessons are given in French.
The lessons are held on Tuesdays from 7pm until 9pm at the Jazz Station.
/ !\ Registration is required via mail ( or via telephone (02 733 13 78).