Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra

CD release "Dance Dance"

Pierre Bernard - flutes / Michel Debrulle - drums, bass drum / Nicolas Dechêne - guitars / Christian Altehülshorst - trumpets / Michel Massot - euphonium, sousaphone, trombone, voice / Louis Frères - bass, electronics / Stephan Pougin - bodhran, tupan, congas, darbuka, drums

This atypical orchestra of seven musicians has been offering joyful, unusual, generous, sensual, poetic and pleasantly off-the-wall music for more than twenty years. Before becoming Orchestra, Dream of an Elephant was a dance performance. From these origins, he keeps in his genes the love of rhythm and movement. Since its creation, the group has released five albums and has given birth to two versions: one theatrical and literary, Odyssée 14, and the other percussive and electronic, Répercussion. The particular sound of the Rêve d’Elephant Orchestra makes the group identifiable from its very first notes. Didier Levallet – French composer, double bass player and director of the Jazz en Clunisois festival – talks about it better than us: "(...) it’s an orchestra that comes from Belgium... A title that I find quite appropriate because it’s a somewhat surrealist title and we know that Belgium is a country which, for reasons of internal politics, but also for artistic reasons, has many links with surrealism. And this relatively large orchestra produces music that is at the same time of great exuberance, great generosity, great freedom, great rigor in the writing too, very colorful, very joyful, it’s is truly an orchestra that gives pleasure. It is music that surprises in the good sense of the term, very open to many things, many influences, which goes from rooster to donkey in a completely natural way; I don’t find it artificial at all. »

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