Petros Klampanis Trio

Petros Klampanis (GR) - double bass / Kristjan Randalu (EST/DE) - piano / Bodek Janke (PL/DE) - drums

The strong musical identity of this trio combines elements from different universes: from East to West, from classical to pop and from old to new.
These three accomplished artists from three different countries, who all met in New York over a decade ago, continue to regularly create new music together. Attending a concert by the Petros Klampanis Trio is an experience that moves the listener to the depths of their intimacy, while also providing moments of great dynamic peaks. It is an exploration of musical possibilities, of different soundscapes.
The group is characterized by an open and daring state of mind, while showing sensitivity and remaining focused on a single vision, the one of the intriguing compositions of the leader.

€ 12 full price / € 9 members, students, job seekers.
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