Odil ft. Leila Martial & Valentin Ceccaldi

CD release "Réson"

Camille-Alban Spreng - keyboards / Leïla Martial (FR) - voice / Valentin Ceccaldi (FR) - cello / Sam Comerford - saxophones / Tom Bourgeois - saxophones / Geoffrey Fiorese - keyboards / Paul Berne - drums

The quintet of Swiss pianist Camille-Alban Spreng presents his new album "RESON". He is joined for the occasion by the singer Leïla Martial and the cellist Valentin Ceccaldi. The word “reson” is a poetic contraction of the poet Francis Ponge. By weaving the words "reason" and "resonate," he adds sound vibration to silent thought and, conversely, adds meaning to the unintelligible universe of sounds. "Reson" is the story of a reconciliation between Dionysus and Apollo unfairly, over the centuries, mounted as enemies. We put them at the same table, a jug of wine, a lyre and a pen and we finally let them have fun together. A concert not to be missed !


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