January, new year, and - perhaps - the beginnings of a more ... "normal" period ?
Regardless of the winds that face us, our little station holds the helm, and plots its way valiantly ! Because it is not the last two years that will demoralize us. On the contrary. International tours are gradually resuming, and a wave of optimism is emerging.
So we wanted to mark the occasion, and get back on the right track : three album releases, a transcendent anniversary, the return of a band that had been absent for too long ... does that ring a bell ? So mark your calendar !
We kick off with fireworks with the magnificent Airelle Besson quartet at the start of the month : the album "TRY !" will be presented to you, almost a year (yes) after its release. Important return for us, who had already had the chance to welcome this wonderful trumpeter a few years ago. Three other albums will be presented to you this month, with all the generations : BAM Trio, Michel Vrydag "Mapping Roots", and the madmen of the Darrifourcq / Hermia / Ceccaldi trio ! Their new project, "Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers" goes smoothly from a surge of tenderness to a whirlwind of rage, and that’s what we love to start 2022 with energy ! No complex either this same weekend with the 30 years (!) of the mythical trio AKA MOON, which returns to us for two dates which promise to be already memorable. We then end the month with a little more sweetness : Paolo Loveri in trio, it’s a concert that we have also been waiting for (too) a long time !
We are starting 2022 in good shape, and positive : we were keen to please you, and to celebrate this New Year together as it should.
To end this editorial, we would like to add a little more personal note. The month of December was painfully marked by the death of the founder of the Jazz Station, pillar of the great Belgian jazz family and fan of the blue note. Former mayor of Saint-Josse, creator of the Saint-Jazz Festival and the Jazz Station, among others, of legendary camaraderie and joviality, Jean Demannez has left his mark on the history of our association, and that of Brussels jazz in general. He will be sorely missed, and once again we extend our full support to his family and loved ones.