The euphoria of Jazzuary is over !

January is closing in style, and it’s time to stay the course ! Busy February, even more so in a leap year, with fifteen evenings each more enticing than the last. We start with enthusiasm for the first 2020 edition of "Young Talents", evenings dedicated to the young generation. This is an opportunity for us to show our support and our confidence in newcomers to the jazz world, and to allow this freshness to come out. Start in style then, with Oakstreet and the release of their first album !

February will also be an opportunity to put an end to popular belief : no, jazz is not a guy’s music. Proof of this is : seven formidable women musicians, all-round instruments, will do us the honor of playing on our little stage. Pauline Leblond alongside Marie Ghitta in her double quartet. Rachel Gould, living legend, accompanied by Nathalie Loriers (and… Riccardo Del Fra !). Julie Campiche, Swiss harpist with electronic sounds. Margaux Vranken, and British drummer Jas Kayser. So many wonderful artists, whose projects touched us and that we wanted to share.

Alongside them, other impactful projects : Darren Beckett mounts his trio with Stéphane Mercier and Nic Thys, Phil Abraham will invite not one but two pianists (Bas Bulteel, Ivan Paduart), while a magnificent piano duo - accordion (Machado - Ithursarry duo) will bring down the curtain on this sparkling month !

On your calendars, 2020 promises to be grand !

The Jazz Station.