Nic Thys & The Sound People Project

Nicolas Thys - double bass, guitar / Vitja Pauwels - acoustic guitar / Joachim Badenhorst - bass clarinet / Alexandre Tripodi - viola alto / Eva Rose Thys - harp, vocals

From all the different parameters composing a music, the sound is probably the most important. Sound and textures will be the driving force of this project. A bass, a bass clarinet, an acoustic guitar, a harp and an alto violin. The quintet will explore the infinite textures and palettes of the five instruments.
The repertoire will mainly consist of pieces written by Nicolas. Consonances and dissonances. Wood and ropes. Music both anchored in the earth and rising to the sky. The sounds will take you to the countries of dreams and imagination.
After an hour of music, the landing on your chair will be smooth.

10€ / 8€ (jobseekers, students, members of the JS).
We do not accept any credit or debit card. No reservation required.