Mathieu Robert Mario Ganau Duo + Moanin’ Birds

Concert organized by Les Lundis d’Hortense


Mathieu Robert & Mario Ganau Duo

Mathieu Robert - soprano saxophone / Mario Ganau - piano

Here, time is suspended. Take a break, don’t rush nothing. Imagine yourself lying in the grass to watch a microcosm move slowly. Mario Ganau, the Sardinian pianist and Mathieu Robert the Belgian saxophonist, take you on a journey still, intimate and minimalist. A journey between silences and melodies that allow time for wandering. The balance is perfect. The music of the duo becomes as delicate as a veil of fabric floating in the thanks to the breeze. The piano could evoke lapping water while the sax would seem to twirl like a butterfly. You navigate between lyricism and oneirism. And you are fine. Do you feel that thrill which runs down your spine, which gives you the flesh of hen, which almost plunges you into a melancholy sweetish? Do you taste it, this chamber jazz which swing gently? So here you are with closed eyes, to better hear the delicate nuances of this inspired and inspiring music. Everything is movement everything is movement in lightness. And you don’t ask for only one thing, extend the trip.

Moanin’ Birds

Tom Bourgeois – saxophones, bass clarinet / Wire Caporali - double bass / Dorian Dumont - keyboards / Lionel Beevens - drums

Have you ever watched the birds in the sky? Those whose trajectories are rarely linear. You know it deja vu, these birds which remain in stationary flight, which let themselves be carried by the wind, then which dive, which fork suddenly and regaining altitude? These birds which pass each other and pass each other again, with elegance, and which go around in circles again and then, finally, are they going to hide? It’s a bit of that freedom and this unpredictability that inspired the duo Tom Bourgeois and Caporali wire. The tenor sax, undulating and fluctuating, draws flexible melodies full of lyricism. The double bass, with a warm and padded sound, first serves as a support invisible then guide. Sometimes using the bow, Fil Caporali accompanies the bass clarinet of Tom Bourgeois, dark and disturbing. And here they are like waders who seek their way through the reeds of the swamp. The duo is always inspired, always takes a step back, seems want to get as far away from land activities as possible too noisy. It is in calm and fullness that the hushed dialogue sets in. Fil and Tom both count one on the other for reassurance as they let one drift by the other. No question of putting these two in a cage. More soothing than introspective, the music of this Moanin’ Birds takes us on the sandstone of a welcome wind of freedom. We were expecting that.

€ 12 - € 9 JS members, students - € 7 LDH members
Covid Safe Ticket mandatory.