Manuel Hermia Freetet

Manuel Hermia - saxophone / Samuel Blaser (CH) - trombone / Jean-Paul Estévienart - trumpet / Manolo Cabras - bass / Joao Lobo - drums

Manuel Hermia’s Freetet features music libertarian, where order and chaos are permanently balanced, as in nature. The essays are clear, but the arrangements, rather than being writings, draw directions, balances, games of role, so that each protagonist of the group can permanently appropriate their voice as he sees fit. And which protagonists: a brass section where Manuel Hermia on saxophones gathered around him Samuel Blaser on trombone and Jean-Paul Estévienart on the trumpet, all supported by the solid complicity of Manolo Cabras on double bass and Joao Lobo on drums. A modern quintet, which tends to sketch joy as much as depth, having fun regularly to surprise us, while honoring this music libertarian that is jazz.
This Freetet is the extension of the old trio of Manuel Hermia with Manolo Cabras and Joao Lobo, who had recorded two albums on the Igloo label ("Long Tales and short Stories”, and “Austerity... And what about rage? ) and played extensively live during seven years.

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