Jonathan Collin-Bouhon "Shades of green"

End of studies concert

Jonathan Collin-Bouhon - double bass, compositions / Carlo Nardozza - trumpet / Julien Tassin - guitar / Umberto Odone - drums

Jonathan Collin-Bouhon began music at the age of 5 in a private school where he learned the basics of drums. Thereafter, he turned to the electric bass in a self-taught way by listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, or the Jackson 5. At 13, when he joined the Kunsthumaniora, he fell madly in love with jazz. He then took lessons with Janos Bruneel, Christophe Devisscher, Bert Cools and many others.
In 2018, he won the auditions to join the Youth Jazz Collective as a double bass player, even though he had only been playing this instrument for 2 months. This big band, led by Frank Vaganée, allowed him to meet many people, including that of lead saxophonist, Nero Vergaert (whom he would meet again in the “Collision” project).
Collision is a modern jazz live band that Jonathan co-created with Eliott Knuets, Nero Vergaert and Rémi Guesquière. Together they mainly play original compositions.
In 2020, Jonathan joined the Young Talent program at the Flemish Conservatory (KCB). There he studied with Bart de Nolf, Christophe Walemme and Diederik Wissels. The following year, he recorded his first personal project with Fabrice Alleman, Ivan Paduart, Peter Hertmans, Daniel Jonkers and Elodie Collin (his sister).