Jazz Station celebrates 15 years

On September 30, the Jazz Station will already celebrate its 15th anniversary ! And it’s not easy to go through her adolescent crisis when we prevent her from seeing her friends… Finally, it gives her time to think back on the best moments lived within her walls and to imagine the next meetings she can make as soon as the situation allows… As nostalgic as she is, she would like to know what has been for you, friends, musicians, spectators from the first hours or meetings of the last weeks, your best memory with her. Whether as a spectator or as a musician, what concert marked you the most ? Who is the one you keep an unforgettable memory of ? And in the future, what project / artist would you most like to discover on the little stage of the Jazz Station ?

To help us remember these beautiful moments, send a small video of yourself to info@jazzstation.be in which you briefly explain your best concert memory (and why this one in particular), then the one to which you would like to attend soon.

You miss the Jazz Station a lot and she can’t wait to see you again !