Postponed - Jazz History Class - Ben Webster

Animated by Jean-Pol Schroeder from la Maison du Jazz in Liège.

For this season 2020-2021, Jean-Pol Schroeder is pursuing his portraits of jazz musicians who have left their mark on their era. From some of the mythical figures such as Chick Corea, to European luminaries such as Eric Legnini, Jean-Pol presents these portraits with passion and relies on archives and video extracts that have sometimes become extremely rare !

Classes are given in French !

6€ for one lesson/ 30€ for 6 lessons / 100€ for the whole season.
/ !\ Registration is required via mail ( or via telephone (02 733 13 78).

The classes are given in our space :
Jazz Station ASBL
Chaussée de Louvain, 193a-195
1210 Bruxelles