Cancelled - Hélène Duret "Synestet"

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Hélène Duret - clarinet, bass clarinet, compositions / Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar, compositions / Sylvain Debaisieux - tenor saxophone / Fil Caporali - double bass / Maxime Rouayroux - drums

When you combine jazz and clarinet, you instantly hear the sound of Benny Goodman and the necklace of notes he puts on at prodigious speed. However, this is absolutely not the case here! In today’s jazz, Hélène Duret and her Synestet invite you to a sensory fusion. Colors, shapes, sounds, everything is blurred with the simplicity of the obviousness thanks to the inventiveness of the young clarinetist, and the atmospheric layers are constantly transforming. Thirsty for improvisation and as playful as possible, the five musicians have a great time to wander us around while twirling!
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