Greg Houben & Fabian Fiorini Duo

« Bees and Bumblebees »

Greg Houben - trumpet / Fabian Fiorini - piano

This duo is "The Rare Bee" that some have been waiting for a long time. It combines the rigor of a revisited tradition through a beautiful prism of modernity. Extremely narrative, poetic, fragile, tender, simple, explosive while keeping a distance with this elegance "So British", this duet, whose entire repertoire was born between the four hands of Gregory Houben and Fabian Fiorini, is a Happy hymn to what they like to name: Happy-Culture!
A meeting of two essential things in Art: communicative joy and the requirement of novelty. "Happy Culture is, of course, the culture of joy, a daily struggle against boredom and gloom, and happy-culture is not a goal in itself, but a dream that one pursues. This ability to enjoy, to love is to love for example, architecture, painting, beautiful cars, beautiful shoes, jam, agriculture ... "(Greg Houben)

10€ / 8€ (jobseekers, students, members of the JS).
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