Gaël Horellou/Ari Hoenig Quartet (FR/USA)

Gaël Horellou (FR) - alto saxophone / Ari Hoenig (USA) - drums / Etienne Déconfin (FR) - piano / Viktor Nyberg (SWE / FR) - double bass

Gaël Horellou and Ari Hoenig meet in Paris in 2006 during a jam session. Both musicians discover a rare affinity in their approach to music. Their collaboration gave two albums : "Pour la Terre" (2008) and "BrOoklyn" (2014). The quartet is completed by Etienne Deconfin and Viktor Nyberg also present on the album "BrOoklyn" as well as on "Legacy" (2014) and "Coup de Vent" (2018). Complicity, creativity and pleasure to play take the group in intense improvisations ! The repertoire consists mainly of compositions by Gaël Horellou and Ari Hoenig.

12€ / 10€ members, students, jobseekers.
No reservation required. We do not accept any credit or debit card.