Cancelled - Frank Woeste ft. Ryan Keberle & Vincent Courtois "Reverso" (DE/USA/FR)

CD release "The Melodic Line"

Frank Woeste (DE) - piano / Ryan Keberle (USA) - trombone / Vincent Courtois (FR) – cello

Jazz and chamber music are gracefully intertwined by Reverso, a collaboration between American trombonist Ryan Keberle and Paris-based pianist Frank Woeste, that traces its overlapping musical inspiration to early 20th century French composers Maurice Ravel and those collectively known as Les Six. Keberle and Woeste, both talented composers, conceived Reverso through support from a French-American Jazz Exchange grant. They are joined by the virtuosic French improvisor, Vincent Courtois, on cello. The ensemble will perform music from their upcoming album “The Melodic Line” (to be released on OutNote Records on Feb. 14). This work digs even deeper into the possibilities of classical/jazz cross-pollination by looking into the music of Les Six, whose members included Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc, Arthur Honneger and the sole female member of the group Germaine Tailleferre. The performance shows that the boundaries between jazz and classical have become even more porous in today’s music world since the styles began to intersect more than 100 years ago. “I love the chamber music vibe that we have with this band,” says Woeste. “Of course, this is jazz because it’s very improvised, but at the same time you can hear the classical background in it.” Keberle, a featured soloist with the Maria Schneider Orchestra, has distinguished himself among jazz’s most adventurous new voices. Woeste, a graduate of the Paris Conservatory, has won international jazz competitions and the Steinway Prize at the Montreux. A prolific solo artist, Courtois has recorded numerous albums for the legendary ECM record label.

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