Alex Koo "Identified Flying Object" (IFO)

Alex Koo - piano, keyboards, electronics / Attila Gyárfás - drums, gong / Ralph Alessi - trumpet (piccolo)

Things are moving fast for the young Belgian-Japanese pianist and composer Alex Koo, who is currently establishing himself as a leading emerging talent in Belgium and abroad. Recently, his album ’Appleblueseagreen’, with American giants Ralph Alessi and Mark Turner, was praised by the famous Downbeat Jazz Magazine and chosen in their list of ’Best Albums of 2019’, with 4 stars on the counter (”Stunningly original“ ). The meeting with the icon of ECM, Alessi, was so special that a new collaboration between the two was inevitable. "Identified Flying Object" was born from a duet with the young Attila Gyárfas, the quintessential drummer of Budapest’s vibrant jazz scene. Today, as a reborn trio with Alessi, they present their new album “Identified Flying Object” on W.E.R.F. Records. Their music, a mix of lyrical compositions and improvisations that sits on the border between film music, minimalism and soundscaping, can be described as a journey through space.

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