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    Discover the new Herb Cells exhibition!

    Jazzpresso Ristretto IX :Illustrations crafted with coffee and black ink by Herb Cells for the River Jazz Festival
    Screen culture and other priorities kept Herbert Celis (Herb Cells) from touching true subject matter such as watercolour paper, (...)

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    Jam Session every sunday!

    For its eighteenth edition, the Jazz Station is getting a makeover and now welcomes you every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for a wild jam session!
    The principle is simple and old-fashioned, but the formula always works: a nice bunch of musicians take (...)

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    Did you know that it is possible to rent our spaces?

    The Jazz Station rents its halls : To companies willing to organize evenings or seminaries. To individuals for a private party. To musicians and labels wishing to highlight any new project. To non-profit associations as part of their cultural (...)



It has arrived, the first shiver of winter, the one that announces sharp mornings, frosted windows and red noses. In these uncertain times, we lack heat but our hearts are warm. Because we feel that every winter, while nature rests, the spirit of our club comes to a head. Impossible to be fooled by the sweetness of boredom that permeates us: the Jazz Station is ready for a new year in your company!
Serendipitously, this winter we will give pride of place to the Swiss scene, with three projects with very different colours: Louis Matute, Florian Arbenz and Julie Campiche! The formidable harpist will also join many female musicians in our program, for our greatest pleasure. If, for reasons of agenda, the beginning of the season was far from being flamboyant in terms of parity, we are catching up at the start of the year with no less than nine projects carried by jazzwomen: with Julie, the young people and already stunning Hélène Duret, Rebekka Van Bockstal, Alejandra Borzyk, Fien Desmet, Alice Riberolles and Adèle Viret will brilliantly carry the new generation of European jazz, alongside artists already well established in our landscapes such as Barbara Wiernik, Marjan Van Rompay and Eve Beevens. The icing on the cake, the legendary Norma Winstone will complete the picture, and thus allow us to defend our vision, based on the discovery but also the construction of role-models, so important for the younger generations. Proud of our already extraordinary season, we will have the immense honor of welcoming other legends between January and March: Jeff Ballard, Larry Goldings, Lionel Loueke, Bill Stewart, Jorge Rossy, Marc Copland and Peter Bernstein will shine our club among the European top. So dare to come out of your cozy nest, because if there was no winter, spring would not be so pleasant.

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