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    Who run the jazz ?

    You may have noticed it (or not!) But we are welcoming a lot of female artists this year 2020 at the Jazz Station. We therefore thought that this would be an opportunity to get rid of misconceptions: no, jazz is not a guy’s music! Of the (...)

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    Missing some jazz?

    The Jazz Station launches a brand new concept: « Jazz Lines ». Multimedia project (radio and video), we are proposing a space of experimentations and expression, like the values of our association: sharing, discoveries, respect of musicians and (...)

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    Did you know that it is possible to rent our spaces?

    The rent of our halls are possible again from september 2020
    The Jazz Station rents its halls : To companies willing to organize evenings or seminaries. To individuals for a private party. To musicians and labels wishing to highlight any new (...)



Just a year ago, we were setting up a brand new project thanks to you: a multimedia, audio and video studio. Jazz Lines, it was the promise of a beautiful workspace, dedicated to creation, discovery, experimentation. Promise kept! The studio is in full swing, and brings a new window on Belgian jazz (and more)! Take a look on Youtube, an ear on Souncloud, and you will have an overview of the work accomplished. A way of reminding that the Jazz Station remains above all a living center. Our place is open to all tastes, and gives free rein to new ideas, questioning, and sharing of energy.

Speaking of which, you will be bathed in energy throughout the month of March: six new albums will be presented, all as different and plural as each other. From "The Love Songs" by Manuel Hermia to the first opus of the Baz Trio, to talk about local artists, but also beautiful discoveries, from all over the world: Maria Chiara Argirò, alongside the fantastic Leïla Martial, will brave Brexit to offer "Hidden Seas". An open, daring, fulfilled jazz! Then, the fiery madness of Pulcinella, puffs that twirl and constantly reinvent their music! And in the process, Frank Woeste, all in poetry and delicacy, what class! And finally one of our favorites, whom you surely already know for having seen him pacing our scene in many different projects: Nitai Hershkovits crossed the ocean to offer his latest album, with the inevitable Or Bareket by his side, don’t miss them!

Belgium will always be at the heart of our artistic choices, because our country remains a breathtaking home of talent and exhilarating projects: do not miss those of Boris Schmidt, accompanied for the occasion by beautiful guests, or the new 100% guitar duo with Peter Hertmans and Guillaume Muschalle, or even less the come back of Antoine Pierre’s Cubistic Sessions (Géraud Portal and Jon Boutellier).

Enough to prepare for the arrival of spring!

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