Yvan Robilliard Trio « YR3 » (FR)

Yvan Robilliard - piano, fender rhodes, moog, compositions / Laurent David - electric bass / Justin Faulkner - drums

"To carry out this adventure, accompanied by the eclectic bassist Laurent David, living between Brooklyn and Paris, I chose to call on the talented African-American drummer, Justin Faulkner, who, alongside Brandford Marsalis for more than 12 years, flirts with the possible new definitions of jazz. Accomplishing this meeting is for me a necessary and logical step as an artist and jazz musician. Building this essence and meaning through a repertoire of original compositions, bringing it a new human, musical and spiritual dimension seems inevitable to me. My desire lies in the need to free myself from the classic jazz trio and to continue this work between groove and emotion, this marriage between Europe and black American culture. The instrumentation of my trio represents different eras, different paths of thought which offer me a wide field of arrangement. This is my project, crossbreeding, encounters, research, and the urgency to continue to grow my music. » Yvan Robilliard

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