Yonathan Avishai Trio (ISR/FR)

River Jazz Festival

Yonathan Avishai - piano / Yoni Zelnik - double bass / Donald Kontomanou - drums

Discovered by contrabassist Omer Avital and trumpet player Avishai Cohen, Yonathan Avishai is without a doubt one of the most original voices of his generation. Marked by the influence of musicians such as John Lewis, Duke Ellington or Ahmad Jamal, the pianist returns to the basic foundations of jazz: swing, blues and improvisation. A minimalist training for an equally minimalist style. Whether revisiting old themes from the world of jazz or playing his own compositions, he reaches a level of poetry and simplicity that is a rare phenomenon in the world today. With one foot in the world of tradition and one in the world of modernity, Yonathan strives to create music that has greater relief and depth. To load the notes and create a dramatic sound. He creates a poetic universe, rich in emotion and colour. His compositions are both understated and subtle and highly refined.


12€ / 10€ (job seekers, students, members of the association).
Reservations strongly recommended.