Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt Quartet (HUN/BE)

Veronika Harcsa (HUN) - voice / Bálint Gyémánt (HUN) - guitar / Nicolas Thys (BE) - double bass / Antoine Pierre (BE) - drums

For ‘Shapeshifter’, this Hungarian singer-guitarist duo has started a new chapter in their partnership. The foundations of the duo’s atmospheric original compositions are underpinned even more strongly by the accompaniment of Nicolas Thys and Antoine Pierre. The rhythmical finesse and light harmonies alternate brilliantly and intelligently with denser, captivating parts.
Their songs, that testify to a beautiful duality between catchy melodies and more conceptual landscapes, have an air of pop about them, with roots in the aesthetics of jazz and modern music.
The title of the album ‘Shapeshifter’ puts us in mind of how the original core evolved : with the group’s expansion, its sound has become more opulent, more complex and the dynamic has gained strength. Its essence remains : there is still an intense and incredible voice at its heart.

12€ / 9€ (students, members, job seekers).
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