Vansina Quintet plays "12/12"

Bruno Vansina - alto sax / Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar / Cyrille Ober-müller - double bass / Falk Schrauwen - percussion / Teun Verbruggen - drums

2018 marked the birth of the project 12/12, in which 4 musicians (hier de namen vermelden?) spent a year on a musical adventure. Each month the band took its instruments to a special place: a skating rink, a motorway, a velodrome or the fun fair. The challenge: interacting with the location, making music and responding to the music a place naturally generates. Now there is the next phase: can you also "take" those twelve places to a concert hall, with a new audience?
12/12 made music unannounced and without an audience. The people who were present belonged to the places or just happened to visit them. The camera recorded the music, the sounds, the events. Each month produced a short film, resulting in a musical cartoon of twelve short films. Does the music change the way you look at those places?

10€ / 8€ (students, members, job seekers).
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