Trio Oliva/Boisseau/Rainey "Orbit" (FR/USA)

Stéphan Oliva (FR) - piano / Sébastien Boisseau (FR) - double bass / Tom Rainey (USA) - drums

Oliva and Boisseau have built the ORBIT repertoire by specifically thinking of Tom Rainey. The music is organized around the compositions of the bassist or the pianist. Each theme is a pretext for play and improvisation, the strength of which is appropriation. With songs with lyricism, the listener is invited to a journey offering varied landscapes but still rich in a thousand details.
This album is the result of an encounter, that of three musicians, of their stories, three universes that interact, influence and feed simultaneously. The mutual attraction between Oliva, Rainey and Boisseau gives birth to a collective work where the music seems in perpetual movement. The proliferation protean of Tom Rainey’s drums multiplies the possibilities that exploit greedily its partners. We thus rediscover Oliva with a game more raw, without denying however the depth and color of his music. Boisseau takes an obvious pleasure to play alongside Rainey, the depth of his bass and his science of the game coming to marry this singular drums. Here are three spheres which revolve around each other, in an even larger space joining that of the listener.

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