Thomas Grimmonprez Quartet (FR)

CD release "Big Wheel"

Thomas Grimmonprez - drums, compositions / Manu Codjia - guitar / Benjamin Moussay - piano / Jerome Regard - double bass

With "Big Wheel", Thomas Grimmonprez continues his explorations around jazz and continues to reveal his musical identity. It is in the form of a quartet that he continues on his way. This new project is taking off thanks to the talent of musicians, freed from all aesthetic dogmatism, who have accepted to put their talent at the service of his compositions in order to highlight different sound paintings. Thomas Grimmonprez brings together four strong personalities in the same artistic process, and invites the listener to travel within his universe.
"A long friendship binds us, it is this one that pushed me to write "Big Wheel". The wheel that reminds us of our relationship to movement and time. The free wheel of the suspended moment." (Thomas Grimmonprez)

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