Thomas Champagne - Random House

River Jazz Festival

Thomas Champagne - sax / Guillaume Vierset - guitar / Ruben Lamon - bass / Alain Deval - drums

"Very quickly, the new Random House quartet turns out to be kind of radical when it comes to its choices. The search for new sensations leads to an exploration of sound. The bare playing better underlines the sharpness of the melodies. A tendency towards contemplation and intimacy lays the foundations for a contained, intense, post-Coltranian groove that is full of respirations but above all inspiration. The alto sax bounces off the lace-like arpeggios spun by the guitar. The rhythms are constantly bouncing, sometimes discreetly at other times red-hot and always perfectly in tune with the project. There are still zones to be discovered and explored in jazz. Random House is doing just that, without forgetting its roots, nor the swing, nor the groove."
(Jacques Prouvost)

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10€ / 8€ (job seekers, students, members).