Stéphane Kerecki Quartet (FR/BE)

CD release "French Touch"

Stéphane Kerecki (FR) - double bass / Julien Lourau (FR) - saxophone / Joseph Dumoulin (BE) - keyboards / Fabrice Moreau (FR) - drums

"Stéphane Kerecki Quartet accepts the challenge: with a group of real jazz musicians they revisit and redefine some of the milestones of the electro ’French Touch’, Daft Punk of course, but also Phoenix, Air, Chassol, Kavinsky, Justice and M83. The result is astonishing: our magicians use lyricism, expression, improvisation where we don’t expect it. The artists of this metamorphosis are of course all goldsmiths, as leaders in their respective groups but also as side-men. And it is these qualities that enable them to make music from any wood, and give them the opportunity to make jazz with this unexpected material. "All I Need", by the group Air, turns out to be a tender ballad that leads to the improvisations of the double bass player and his friends. And when Jozef Dumoulin brings a bit of electronic music in "Playground Love", which embellishes his electric piano, we remain in the expressive power of soloist jazz when he lets the acoustic piano speak, and the saxophone follows him. The experiment was worth a try, it is convincing, rich in new sensations for those who knew the original material, and rich in fruitful observations for others. So to listen like a really good jazz record... à la française!"
(translated from Xavier Prévost, Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz.)

12€ / 9€ (students, members, job seekers).
Booking required. If you wish to attend one of our concerts with your bubble (max. 4 people), reservations must be made together so that we can arrange the space in the best way. The bubble must be complete in order to access the hall. Wearing a mask is mandatory.