Stéphane Galland & Malcolm Braff

River Jazz Night

Stéphane Galland - drums / Malcolm Braff - keys

In the past, Stéphane Galland worked with big names like Ibrahim Maalouf, Zap Mama and Ozark Henry, and he also made it his business of working with the best musicians from different cultures – from India across the Balkans to Africa. But the drummer is without a doubt most famous as a founding member of Aka Moon, one of the most talked-about jazz bands in Belgian music history. Galland is celebrating his fiftieth birthday this year, but his sound is still ageless. Over the years he has developed his own unique rhythmic approach by connecting the different musical traditions in which he has worked.

Pianist Malcolm Braff is, in fact, a living legend himself. He has already been described as the guru of the Swiss jazz scene, where he ended up as a teenager via Rio de Janeiro and Dakar, and his discography includes more than twenty albums – a couple of them on Blue Note Records. Galland and Braff started playing together a few years ago. After Braff joined Galland’s previous project “Lobi” for the live performances, and also in the international quartet “Shijin”. They decided to dig deeper into their love of rhythm and into their both organic and scientific approach to it. Together, they now revisit jazz standards like ‘Afro Blue’ and ‘Passion Dance’, while also writing their own compositions based on their unique rhythmical concepts. A unique duet, and the best way to start this journey!

Tickets Jazz Station only

Pass for 3 concerts of the Night

10€ concert at the JS / 25€ pass for the Night.
Reservations strongly recommended.