It’s spring !

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the birds… are idling. It is the time of renewal for some, births for others, spring cleaning for the adage.
So we let ourselves be carried away by the lightness of the good weather that is coming (really?), we stick out the tip of our nose and we gently wake up from our long hibernation. Because we will have to be in good shape for the month of April which is coming. Yes, because it’s spring, and whoever says spring, says the birth of jazz babies. Six albums, ladies and gentlemen. Six albums that are emerging and will utter their first Brussels cry on our stage. Six albums from the four corners of the country (and elsewhere, too), each more different than the next. From large formations (Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra, Tom Bourgeois “Rumeurs/ Murmures”) to the simplest (Thunderblender). Young people who really deserve to be known (Théo Zipper, Eliott Knuets) and… not so young (Larry Goldings/Peter Bernstein/Bill Stewart).

YES. You read correctly. Larry Goldings. Peter Bernstein. Bill Stewart.

Three legends on our humble stage. To believe that our reputation, after sixteen years, also ends up crossing borders. We shudder with excitement at the idea of ​​​​offering you this concert which is already shaping up to be a historic moment in our existence. Alongside Les Lundis d’Hortense, this will be an opportunity to launch the start of a week dedicated to jazz worldwide. Because indeed, like every year, April 30 is International Jazz Day. And this year, we also celebrate the huge Toots Thielemans. Two birds with one stone, neither one nor two, never two without three, and tutti quanti, it will be an evening in tribute to the ket of Brussels, the great Toots, the most famous harmonicist in the world, and of whom some of the most beautiful compositions will be revisited and arranged by the flagship of the Belgian scene.

Add to that the Thys brothers - Toine and Nicolas - who will open and close the month of April with their respective projects as it should (that is to say rather well), and you will be in in great shape to take on what awaits you in May!