"SHIJIN" (Laurent David/Stéphane Galland/Malcom Braff/Jacques Schwartz-Bart)

Laurent David - bass / Stéphane Galland - drums / Malcom Braff - piano, keyboards / Jacques Schwarz-Bart - saxophone

SHIJIN is an Eastern symbolism represented by the four guardians of the cardinal points. To each corresponds an animal, a season, a color, an element, a virtue ... This quartet is the meeting point and alliance of four strong musical entities bringing their geographical, stylistic and cultural experience. Laurent David’s telluric bass, Malcolm Braff’s Phoenician piano, Jacques Schwarz-Bart’s atmospheric saxophone and Stéphane Galland’s “niagaresque” drums will be the ingredients of this creative bet, which will eventually be obvious and must be explored. The quartet will propose the creation of an original repertoire during a residency at the Tourcoing Jazz Club. Preparation of the compositions will take place by then in the respective cities of each: Boston for Jacques, Brussels for Stéphane, Paris for Laurent and Freiburg for Malcolm. It is not by chance that these 4 musicians find themselves within SHIJIN; Laurent and Jacques shared the stage in New York for improvised music concerts, Malcolm and Stéphane play together regularly in duo or with "Lobi", Laurent and Stéphane were part of the tour "Illusion" by Ibrahim Maalouf.

10€ / 8€ (students, jobseekers, members of the JS).
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  • Jazz Station
  • Saturday 17 February 2018 from 18:00 to 20:00