Cancelled - Roberto Negro "Papier Ciseau" (FR)

Roberto Negro - piano / Emile Parisien - saxophone / Elise Blanchard - electric bass / Michele Rabbia - percussion, electronics

"you take a piece of paper, a piece of paper and a chisel
in each hand a paper and a chisel you take your chisel and you cut the paper
you cut the paper with the chisel you cut several papers
then you put the chisel because you have several papers that fell
you put the chisel and pick up one or two or more of two papers
you have the papers full in your hands and you look at them
you look at them all
a long time
you can no longer continue to cut because the chisel is placed next to you
so you put the papers down and take the chisel in each hand a paper and a chisel you’re starting again"
Roberto Negro

After three years of artistic adventures with the DADADA trio and a first album produced by the prestigious Blue Label, Roberto Negro, pianist and composer "with overflowing energy and the careless quickdraw about career plans" (LE MONDE) continues its his daring musical advance in unexpected paths with a brand new album entitled "Papier Ciseau".

The aesthetic of the DADADA trio composed of Roberto Negro, percussionist Michele Rabbia and saxophonist Emile Parisien evolved in this new artistic adventure with the arrival of bassist Valentin Ceccaldi.

In an essentialist musical quest, Roberto Negro invites us to memories of childhood and to the adventure of learning. On an unusual and sometimes confusing path, where perception and cutting of time seem at times uncontrolled, the music that we transport in a universe declined by melodies sometimes playful, sometimes naive and sometimes frankly stunning and electric. This disc is the result of compositions combining intensity and simplicity with more complex and burning sound worlds, nourished by a lyricism always on the lookout.

"Devil of pianist, whimsical like a character of Hoffmann, iconoclast who favors the bizarre to the norm and the derangement to the prudence". LES INROCKS

"Great associations of images with which he has been intoxicating us for years." LIBÉRATION

"A rainbow with a thousand nuances and lights. Superb." HUMANITY

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